Download R-Instat

In response to the recent review of R-Instat by Bob Muenchen we continue to develop new versions of R-Instat. Many thanks to Bob for reviewing R-Instat.

Latest stable release 0.7.6

32 Bit Installer (.exe 802MB)

64 Bit Installer (.exe 802MB)

If you know that you have a 64 bit computer, we suggest you download the 64 Bit version

Other releases (beta)


32 Bit (.exe 831MB) | 64 Bit (.exe 972MB)


32 Bit (.exe 874MB) | 64 Bit (.exe 1015MB)


32 Bit (.exe 874MB) | 64 Bit (.exe 1015MB)


32 Bit (.exe 850MB) | 64 Bit (.exe 979MB)


32 Bit (.exe 780MB) | 64 Bit (.exe 912MB)

R-Instat is currently a Windows only application. However, it can be accessed on Mac or Linux through use of a Virtual Windows Machine.

Installation & Documentation

Installation guide: PDF version | Online version

Introductory guides and Documentation

To see the changes made since the previous version check out the release notes.

Prerequisite Software

.NET Framework: R-Instat is a .NET software and requires an up to date version of the .NET (at least 4.6.1) to be installed before it can run. Most new Windows version already have this. The installation process will tell you if your .NET needs to be updated. If you need to download it, you can download .NET Framework here.

Rtools: R-Instat requires Rtools to export data to Excel files. If you do not intend to use this feature, you do not need to download Rtools. If you would like to you can download Rtools here.


R: R-Instat includes a built in copy of R, which performs all data processing in R-Instat. You do not need to download R separately to use R-Instat. If you would like to know more about R see