Installation Guide

We strongly recommend following the installation guide the first time you install R-Instat.

Installation guide: PDF version | Online version

Introductory Tutorials

If you are new to R-Instat, these tutorials are a good way to begin to familiarise yourself with how it works using real and interesting data sets.

Part 1: Describing Data PDF version

Part 2: A Second Data Set PDF version

Part 3: Working with Labelled Data PDF version

Climatic Guide

R-Instat includes a special climatic menu for the analysis for historical climatic data. The Climatic Guide is a comprehensive guide to R-Instat's climatic functionalities.

R-Instat Climatic Guide PDF version (48MB)

Tutorial Videos

We have a growing collection of tutorial videos for R-Instat. Go to our YouTube Channel to see the current collection.

Built in Help

Comprehensive help for each R-Instat dialog will be implemented soon. This will be accessbile through the Help button on each dialog, or the Help menu. As well as help on using the dialog, there will also be information about the R code and packages behind them, including direct links to R's documentation where approriate.